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Cars On Parade Fri & Sat @ 7:00 pm
Real Estate Showcase Fri & Sat @ 7:30
Comcast 68 from Mashpee to Provincetown Plus Nantucket Island

Cape Cod & Nantucket Television

"Cape Cod Real Estate Showcase"
"Cars On Parade"

Every Friday and Saturday evening at 7:00 CCAN-TV presents "Cars On Parade". At 7:30PM Cape Cod and Nantucket Television presents "Cape Cod Real Estate Showcase". The program is broadcast into every Comcast Cable TV household from Mashpee through Provincetown plus Nantucket Island. Subscribers to the expanded basic package that includes CNN, ESPN, and The Weather Channel get "Cars On Parade" & "Cape Cod Real Estate Showcase" on Channel 68. Every week our cameras visit some of the area's leading Car Dealers & Realtors. Viewers will be introduced to some of the personalities in the local Automotive and real estate industries and be presented with builders, homes, land, and condominiums in a wide variety of price ranges. Auto dealers and Realtors around the country are successfully using cable TV to promote themselves.

"Cars On Parade"
25 minutes available Friday and Saturday @ 7:00pm
"Cape Cod Real Estate Showcase"
25 minutes available Friday and Saturday @ 7:30pm

30 Sec. Spot 13 Week Agreement $ 60.00 per Week

30 Sec. Spot 4 Week Agreement $ 75.00 per Week

60 Sec. Spot 13 Week Agreement $ 90.00 per Week

60 Sec. Spot 4 Week Agreement $120.00 per Week

Homes and cars are shown from the Realtor's and dealers jpeg images on disc or via e-mail. We provide graphic and voice over services. One Hour of on location video production, each month, is included, additional production time is available at an additional charge.

All rates are subject to change without notice.
CCAN-TV is a subsidiary of All Media Productions
And operates under the" Leased Access" rules of the FCC.We are not affiliated with Comcast Cable.

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508-771-2474 or 800-511-4974